Monday, June 29, 2009

Too few days

I spend a lot of days worrying about cleaning and focusing on the "important" things. Clean bathrooms, check. Sweep and mop floors, check. Baby fed a well-balanced, vitamin enriched diet, check. Counters anti-bacterialed...check. Vacuuming, check. Bed made, check. Clean clothes folded, dirty clothes in hamper, laundry going, dishes up, dusting, windows cleaning...

You get the idea.



Abby ate a vanilla wafer yesterday, or was it Saturday. No vitamins. Lots of calories. And she loved it.

She also took all the cheerios out of her bowl and threw them on the floor. I thought she was done eating. So, I took her out of her highchair and put her in the living room to play. She then crawled back to where she had thrown the cheerios and ate them off the floor. I proceed to make myself lunch while I watched her do this.

I decided that our days are too few to worry about the small things.

And too few not to notice the smalls things.

Some small things that make my days:
1. My husband always kisses me goodnight, goodbye, hello, good morning, and just because. He also tells me he loves me in the same fashion.

2. Abby likes rain...just like her daddy.

3. When I leave the room, Abby calls after me by saying "Dadadadada!" I come back in a say "No, MAMA" and she just smiles.

4. I'd like to think this is something I taught her, but I doubt it. When I say "up", Abby stops whatever she is doing and reaches for me. Unless she is playing with something she shouldn't be, like a remote control or cell phone. Then she runs away laughing.

5. Brandon makes my coffee for me every night. And does the nightly dishes while I get Abby ready for bed. Then we pick up toys together. I love this.

Even though there are a lot of other things, that is it for now. Time to get some sleep for another day of small things. To enjoy rather than worry about.

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Abby's Maternal Gran'pa said...

Some of this reminds me of when you were that age. Time flies.

Love, Gran'pa Dad